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Ford Owners Sue Over Transmission Faults

Some Ford customers are suing the multi-million dollar company over issues with the dual clutch transmissions used in the 2012-16 Focus as well as the Fiesta. These transmissions known as the “Powershift’ have been said to buck, jerk and accelerate or decelerate rapidly as well as cause premature wear on internal components. This transmission has been used in Ford vehicles in the past, unsurprisingly this is not the first lawsuit regarding these transmissions. Ford has acknowledged the issue and has put out multiple service bulletins for this exact issue, however none have proved to be a long term fix but in the meantime, Ford has offered an extended powertrain warranties.

We  check to see if any of the Used Fords we sell here in Raleigh NC if they have any recalls .

Check to see if your Ford has a open recall here:


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