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According To GM, Your Car Isn’t Really Yours

If you have a car manufactured by General Motors you may be surprised to find out that all of the components of your car, you don’t really own. GM stated that although customers buy a vehicle, they are signing an agreement to use the software and technology that make up the cars components but do not own this software. It has yet to be decided weather or not GM has complete ownership of the software or if consumers can change, or modify these parts on their vehicle.



This would mean that consumers who purchase GM vehicles would not legally be able to modify their cars to their liking as this would violate copyright laws. Another problem that has arisen from this situation is that mechanics would not be able to perform maintenance on these cars as they would be infringing on the copyright laws if they were to attempt to modify or fix the software components of the vehicle.

Many people believe that companies and large firms can only push and restrict so much before the consumer base starts fighting back. Others are coming to the conclusion that this could end up being a safety hazard, Jacqueline Charlesworth, general counsel of the copyright agency  said “You’re putting that burden on buyers of many, many used cars to have that software system completely evaluated.” 


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