Pollen Vehicle Graffiti

Pollen Collage Draft

Now that pollen season is upon us, you’ve probably already seen  your car completely covered with that yellow stuff we all can’t stand! Belmonte Auto is now offering to any former customers who find themselves trying to peer through their pollen covered windshields a free wash down as a way of saying thank you!

“What we perceive as a thin layer of yellow dust is, on a microscopic level, more like a field of tiny hooks and needles. Imagine a gumball from a sweetgum tree and then shrink it down and that is what a single pollen particle looks like. All those hooks and prongs are how pollen clings to your clothes, your dog, and the pores in your car’s paint. The hooks by themselves are not the most damaging aspect.

As Detailed Image explains, the worst part about pollen is acidity. The acidity of various pollens is commonly activated when it comes in contact with water, so just waiting for a rain shower to clean off your car won’t cut it. Acidity can do everything from stain your car to accelerate the spread of rust. Now you know why the pollen has to go, but how can you do it without negatively affecting your paint.”


Above is a short explanation of the problems that pollen can cause to you and your car. The article explains how these pollen spores can actually been quite damaging to your cars paint.

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