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5 Star Google reviewer’s insight on used car dealership reviews and ratings and some things to consider before making a decision when buying a used car in Raleigh NC.

Dan Belmonte Co-owner of Belmonte Auto Imports an Independent Used Auto Dealership in Raleigh NC

Honest 5 Star Google reviewer gives perspective on used car dealership online ratings, reviews and some things to consider before making a decision when buying a used car in Raleigh NC.

Belmonte Auto is nearing 250 Google Reviews with 100+ 5 Star ratings, but not ALL of them are great. In fact, not all are 5 stars. Believe it or not you can NOT please everyone when you are in business, and especially the “used car dealership” business. And sometime, admittedly we make mistakes and when we do, we try to correct them.

That said, when someone posts a review that has more than just the star rating we take time to read it. This review could not go un-shared, as it gives an honest perspective and insight to the auto shopping and used car buying experience. It is reviews like these that help to show how Dan and Vince Belmonte along with all the other Belmonte team members are able to offer satisfying vehicle buying experiences like this.

” There are always going to be people who say bad things. There are always going to be people that feel the need to hurt people and businesses with words. I tend to reserve the negative for face to face conversation and my reviews are always based on facts and my experience. So, here’s my experience with Belmonte Auto. Dan Belmonte is an experienced hard working man who is knowledgeable and will go out of his way for a customer. Dan understood the limitations of my schedule and worked with me (over and above) to ensure that I got the car I wanted. The process from introduction, to negotiation, to purchase was streamlined and easy. Dan was honest and understood what I wanted and the parameters of what would ensure I became a customer. The car industry is filled with sub par experiences and some of that is due to the way we, as customers, treat our salespeople. Try being upfront, honest and clear in what it is you want when purchasing a car. Understand they need to make money too. If they don’t, then they won’t be there when you want to buy another car. Lastly, I have no doubt I will buy another car from Dan. I will also be recommending him to others. ”

– Jared R.,+8516+Capital+Blvd,+Raleigh,+NC+27616&ludocid=16979324436457936852&lsig=AB86z5X4h2iOh2i89idEaESP8h4-#lrd=0x89ac50aef9161c4d:0xeba2ad9d592f57d4,1,,,

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