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How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

The summer is a great time to get out and enjoy things such as biking, boating, campfires with friends and neighborhood cookouts. During all this summer fun it is easy to forget about your car and the certain maintenance it needs to keep running at optimum performance.

ac belts togetherEveryone loves to jump into the car and flip on the air conditioning, but to make sure that works there is a few simple things you can check to make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly. You want to examine the belts to make sure they aren’t too worn or likely to tear. You’ll also want to make sure the fins on the air conditioner are clear of anything that would stop up the air from passing through like leaves for example.

smart car camperWhether you’re towing your boat or your camper its a good idea to check your trailer and hitch to make sure everything is working. During the summer time many people travel and tow their boats to lake or go camping in the mountains and if you don’t inspect your car beforehand, towing could be very dangerous. First off make sure to check the weight and load limits on your car to make sure your car is able to haul what you’re planning to tow. Second check the wiring between your trailer and vehicle to make sure all lights are working.

The last major thing to do when preparing your car for the sweltering few months ahead is to do a basic check of the engine. While doing this inspect the coolant in your engine. Coolant helps keep the engine cool and from overheating while on the road. Make sure your coolant is filled to the fill line and there are no leaks or cracks in any of the hoses.

In conclusion the three major tips are to check your air conditioning, make sure you have followed all the towing precautions and have done a simple engine check.

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Check out these tips such as the cooling system, tires, engine and more!

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