Hurricane Florence Report by Autocheck Auctions

by AutoCheck Auctions

Florence Report September 24, 2018

According to news reports, Hurricane Florence could have damaged as many as forty thousand vehicles in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. This could mean considerable risk for auctions, as these flooded vehicles could potentially move around the country.

AutoCheck Auctions is currently working on a special report for you called The Florence Report. It will be provided at no additional cost to our auction customers. This report will be made available as part of our ongoing effort to provide critical data, helping to protect both auctions and their dealer customers from undisclosed problem vehicles.

It is important to note that the Florence Report will not indicate that a car has flood damage. This report will alert you to the fact that a particular vehicle was registered in one of the flood impacted zip codes, prompting you to take a closer look at that vehicle for potential flood damage.


Tips For Spotting A Flood Damaged Vehicle

  1. Check the outside body panels for waterlines.
  2. Check the carpet, upholstery, and inside doors for mud, dirt, damp feeling and discoloration.
  3. Check beneath the vehicle’s carpet to see if the pad beneath the carpet is damp.
  4. Check for dirt buildup around seat tracks. 
  5. Check under the dash and in the glove box fir dirt of dampness.
  6. Look at the owner;s manual. Check to see if the paperwork was ever wet. 
  7. Waterlines could  be visible inside the car. Look at the seats, inside doors and door jams.
  8. Smell the inside of the vehicle. A musty of damp smell can be a good indicator of flood damages. Is there an over powering use of air freshener? 
  9. Make sure all the dash lights are working properly. Do the turn signals work?
  10. Check under the vehicle for corrosion, flaking metal underneath.
  11. Check inside the engine compartment for waterlines, dirt, or mud.
  12. Are the headlights or taillights fogging?
  13. Check the air cleaner for water.
  14. Check the oil to see if there;s a copper or milky  color which could indicate water damage inside the engine.
  15. Look for water in the spare tire compartment.
  16. Look inside the trunk for dampness, dirt, or mud. 


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