40,000 vehicles could’ve been flooded in Hurricane Florence says Autocheck Auctions; protect yourself with these 10+ tips when buying a used vehicle.

    In their September 24 2018 Florence Report, AutoCheck Auctions says “According to news reports, Hurricane Florence could have damaged as many as forty thousand vehicles in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.” We have to start off by saying that a very high number of potentially flood damaged vehicles is one of the many […]

Ford Owners Sue Over Transmission Faults

Some Ford customers are suing the multi-million dollar company over issues with the dual clutch transmissions used in the 2012-16 Focus as well as the Fiesta. These transmissions known as the “Powershift’ have been said to buck, jerk and accelerate or decelerate rapidly as well as cause premature wear on internal components. This transmission has […]

Subaru Recall

 From Subaru – http://www.subaru.com/vehicle-recalls.html A Message to Our Customers About Air Bag Recalls You may be aware of recent reports about recalls involving air bags supplied by Takata. Ten different car companies, including Subaru, are affected. No Subaru vehicle has driver’s front air bags supplied by Takata. Certain vehicles among the models and model years listed […]

How To Winterize Your Vehicle!

Before you take off on that ski resort vacation you’ve been planning for the past five years but never managed to make it to, there are a few things you should check before heading out. Doing some quick and usually inexpensive maintenance can save some serious dough, time and headaches down the road, and or possibly […]

Stay Informed! Most Recent Manufacturer Recalls

Volkswagen: The auto manufacturer has been promoting their new “Clean Diesel” technology for several years now claiming it to be an alternative to hybrid vehicles. While these new clean diesel models were being tested they seemed to pass all EPA standards without breaking a sweat, but once they made it onto the road it was a […]

How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

The summer is a great time to get out and enjoy things such as biking, boating, campfires with friends and neighborhood cookouts. During all this summer fun it is easy to forget about your car and the certain maintenance it needs to keep running at optimum performance. Everyone loves to jump into the car and […]

Street-Ready 3D Printed Cars On The Way!

You might think 3D printers are just a passing fad, a tool used to create all sorts of miscellaneous and small plastic doodads but Local Motors, an Arizona-based company is gearing up to bring out their own line of street-ready 3D printed cars in 2016. As a 3D printing enthusiast myself, this news really gets […]

According To GM, Your Car Isn’t Really Yours

If you have a car manufactured by General Motors you may be surprised to find out that all of the components of your car, you don’t really own. GM stated that although customers buy a vehicle, they are signing an agreement to use the software and technology that make up the cars components but do not own this […]

Pollen Vehicle Graffiti

Now that pollen season is upon us, you’ve probably already seen  your car completely covered with that yellow stuff we all can’t stand! Belmonte Auto is now offering to any former customers who find themselves trying to peer through their pollen covered windshields a free wash down as a way of saying thank you! “What […]